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Land Surveying

in Gananoque and Area.

We provide Land Surveying Services in Gananoque and Eastern Ontario. 

Our firm was started in 1881 and our surveying records pre-date our founding. 

Our surveying services include:

Property Surveys

Development and Planning

Construction and Engineering

Specialty Surveys

  • Reference Plans
  • Integrated Cadastral Plans
  • Land Development
  • Site plans and Drainage Plans
  • Draft Plans of Subdivision & Subdivision Design
  • Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built Plans & Record Drawings
  • Building Permit Applications & Sketches
  • Severance Applications & Sketches
  • Application for Minor Variances
  • 3D Scanning and Point Cloud Data

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Ontario Land Surveyors, Legal Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Property Lines, Minor Variances, Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR), Plans of Subdivision, Reference Plans, Cadastral Surveying, Land Development, Building Stake Out, Engineering Surveys, Topographic

Building Design

Architectural Design, Commercial Construction, Industrial Construction, Residential Construction, Light Framed Buildings, Mass Timber & Wood Buildings, Traditional Timber Framing, Steel, Concrete & Masonry, Building Systems.


Professional Engineers, Civil Engineering, Stormwater & Drainage Plans, Lot Grading Plans, Structural Engineering, Seismic Engineering, Timber Frame Engineering, Mass Timber & Wood Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

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