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Underground Locating

In the near future IN Engineering + Surveying will be providing in-house underground locating services to Eastern Ontario including Brockville, Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall. Our team will combine our surveying techniques with underground locating to gather accurate data and use it with compatible GIS systems.

What is Underground locating?

Locates are ground markings identifying the position of utility lines, gas or any other sub surface items. Locating allows a technician to flag the areas where various lines or sub surface structures run.  Each flag colour represents a different located item. Gas, Hydro, Cable, Telecom are all colour coded and easily viewed for the best visual or what is contained in your property.

Why would you need a locate?

The answer is simple really.  If you are in the market to do some property improvements, you will need to be aware of privately owned buried facilities.  These facilities include items like a pool, gas lines, hydro, telecom or perhaps even an old well. Before you begin any digging work on your property, you must contact a qualified underground locates company.

What equipment do we use?


Ground Penetrating Radar is a tool that uses several difference frequencies to obtain data at various depths with 2.5cm accuracy.

GPR can be utilized for determining the size of depth for utilities and works well in sandy soils but, is not appropriate for clay soils.

What will you get out of your Locates?

Once your locate scanning has been complete, the information is uploaded into our system you can expect to have the following information and reports

  • Infield Wi-Fi mini reports
  • Digital Sketch
  • Paint on the ground and colour appropriate flags placed for clear marking
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Outputs
  • Simple accurate full reports