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Farm Building Engineering and Design

We are a fully licensed engineering firm that holds a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario. We are also carry liability insurance.

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Farm Building Engineering and Design

Whether your planned expansion is a small shed or a large hay barn we are here to provide structural engineering services for your expansion. Farm buildings still fall under the National Farm Building (NFB) code of 1995, however changes are coming soon and farm buildings will require a more stringent design code. Most modern farm buildings are designed to the Ontario Building Code due to the age of the NFB1995.

Farm Building Engineering and Design
Foundations for Prefabricated Buildings

If you ordered a prefabricated building then you will need foundations designed by an engineer. We are able to take the loads as analyzed by the manufacturer and design an efficient design for your foundations.

Inspections and Remedial Repairs

If you have older structures on your property that you want inspected or repaired then before construction have an engineer inspect the structure. We can also suggest what repairs should be conducted to make the structure safe for your equipment and property.

Engineering doesn’t have to be expensive

We believe in modern and efficient methods to complete our engineering analysis and design. Engineering doesn’t have to be expensive if performed using the latest analysis and modelling software. We offer free quotes on all of our projects.