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Surveyor’s Real Property Report

Key Features

  • A survey plan and report indicating the locations of property features (house, shed, fences) relative to the property lines.

  • This plan shows what the purchaser is buying and reveals any easements, encroachments or other encumbrances.

  • Commonly used for Real Estate Transactions and Mortgages.

Who needs a (SRPR) Surveyor’s Real Property Report?

Property Owner (purchaser), to ensure that;

  • The extent of the property being purchased is the same as described in the Offer to Purchase.
  • The boundary location is known and the deed describes the property accurately.
  • Pertinent fences, trees, buildings, driveways, additions and improvements, etc. are sited in accordance with municipal by-laws and within the boundaries.
  • Others are not entitled to partial use of property through easements or rights-of-way.
  • The mortgage will proceed without delays.
  • Future projects will not be impeded by the inability to locate the property limits or acquire a building permit.

Property Sellers (vendors), to provide;

  • Confidence in the purchase for the buyer by verifying the size and extent of the property.
  • Protection from potential lawsuits resulting from problems related to property boundaries and improvements.

Realtors, to provide;

  • A visual representation of the property for sale.
  • Information to avoid delays in completing property transactions.
  • Protection from potential lawsuits resulting from misrepresentation in the Offer to Purchase related to property boundaries and improvements.